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Past Updates

Past Updates

February 2017

Communication Ethics (Lisbeth A. Lipari)
Digital Media Ethics (Charles Ess), summary
Ehealth Communication (Gary L. Kreps)
Gender and Journalism (Linda Steiner)
Interpersonal Communication Across the Life Span (Carla L. Fisher, Thomas Roccotagliata)
Jokes and Humor in Intergroup Relations (Thomas E. Ford, Christopher J. Breeden, Emma C. O'Connor, Noely C. Banos), summary
Journalism and Explaining News Content (Erik Albæk, Morten Skovsgaard, Claes H. de Vreese)
Language Attitudes (Marko Dragojevic)
Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri (Matthew Bost, Matthew S. May)
Rhetorical Invention (John Arthos)
Video-Mediated Communication (Sean Rintel), summary

January 2017

Family Communication (Michelle Miller-Day)
Intercultural Friendships (Elisabeth Gareis)
Intergroup Norm Talk (Sucharita Belavadi)
Network Analysis and Health and Risk Messaging (Frank Tutzauer, Thomas Hugh Feeley)
Public Memory (Matthew Houdek, Kendall R. Phillips)
Race, Gender, Class, and Sexuality (Patricia S. Parker, Jing Jiang, Courtney L. McCluney, Verónica Caridad Rabelo)
Religion, Culture, and Communication (Stephen M. Croucher, Cheng Zeng, Diyako Rahmani, Mélodine Sommier)
Rhetorical Judgment (John Arthos)
Transportation Theory Applied to Health and Risk Messaging (Melanie C. Green, Kaitlin Fitzgerald)

December 2016

Military Families and Communication (Steven R. Wilson, Leanne K. Knobloch)
Public Culture (Robert Hariman)
Rhetorical Approaches to Health and Medicine (Jennifer A. Malkowski, J. Blake Scott, Lisa Keränen)
Sequence Organization (Chase Wesley Raymond)

November 2016

Antonio Gramsci and Communication (Marco Briziarelli, Eric Karikari)
Communication Campaigns that Emphasize Environmental Influences on Health and Risk (Kami Silk, Sarah Sheff, Maria Lapinski, Alice Hoffman)
Media and Emotion (Robin L. Nabi)
Science and Communication (Celeste M. Condit, L. Bruce Railsback)
The Right To Be Forgotten (Edward L. Carter)

October 2016

Copyright (Sara Bannerman)
Internet Neutrality (Maria Löblich)
Poststructuralism (Nathan A. Crick)

September 2016

Journalism on the Web (Michael Karlsson, Kristoffer Holt)

August 2016

Disasters and Communication about Health (Rebecca Cline, Andrea Meluch)
Grounded Theory in Health and Risk Messaging (Sebastian Paul Ruppel, Günter Mey), summary
Listening (Graham D. Bodie)
Location Based Ads and Exposure to Health and Risk Messages (Jonathan Riet, Jorinde Spook, Paul Ketelaar, Arief Huhn), summary
Opinion Leaders as Agents for Change in Health and Risk Messaging (Jo Holliday, Suzanne Audrey, Rona Campbell, Laurence Moore), summary
Parent-Child Interaction (Haley Kranstuber Horstman, Alexie Hays, Ryan Maliski)
Sexual Media Content and Effects (Lucretia Monique Ward, Sarah E. Erickson, Julia R. Lippman, Soraya Giaccardi)
The ABCs of Media and Children: Attention, Behavior, and Comprehension (Ellen A. Wartella, Alexis R. Lauricella, Leanne Beaudoin-Ryan, Drew P. Cingel), summary
Theories of Journalism (Stephen D. Reese)

July 2016

Critical Perspectives Toward Cultural and Communication Research (Joshua Hoops, Jolanta Drzewiecka), summary
Cultural Identities (Yea-Wen Chen, Hengjun Lin)
Entertainment-Education and Health and Risk Messaging (Suruchi Sood, Amy Henderson Riley, Kristine Cecile Alarcon), summary
Hope and Health and Risk Messaging (Amy E. Chadwick), summary
Identity and Online Groups (Marko Siitonen), summary
Journalism Education (Beate Josephi)
Mood's Role in Selective Exposure to Health and Risk Information (Melissa J. Robinson, Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick), summary
Network Analysis and Health and Risk Messaging (Frank Tutzauer, Thomas Hugh Feeley), summary
Networked Individualism, East Asian Style (Vincent Chua, Barry Wellman)
Public Memory (Matthew Houdek, Kendall R. Phillips), summary

June 2016

Cybervetting (Brenda L. Berkelaar, Millie Harrison)
End of Life Communication (Maureen P. Keeley)
Journalism Ethics (Patrick Lee Plaisance)
Persuasive Health Message Design (Nancy Grant Harrington)
Stigma and Health/Risk Communication (Rachel A. Smith, Xun Zhu, Madisen Quesnell)

May 2016

Forgiveness Communication and Health (Douglas L. Kelley, Bianca M. Wolf, Shelby E. Broberg)
Methods for Intercultural Communication Research (John Oetzel, Saumya Pant, Nagesh Rao)
Race, Nationalism, and Transnationalism (Myra Washington, Kent A. Ono)

April 2016

Adherence and Communication (Kelly Haskard-Zolnierek, Teresa L. Thompson)
Climate Change Communication (Amy E. Chadwick) (summary)
Communication and Cultural Studies (Toby Miller) (summary)
Communities of Practice (Nicola Andrew) (summary)
Deleuze, Gilles (J. Macgregor Wise) (summary)
Discursive Approaches to Race and Racism (Kevin A. Whitehead) (summary)
E-Health Communication (Gary L. Kreps) (summary)
Facework and Culture (Vail Fletcher) (summary)
Family Communication (Michelle Miller-Day) (summary)
Family, Culture, and Communication (Narissra Punyanunt-Carter, Vladimir S. Arias) (summary)
Freedom of Information (Laura L. Stein, Lindita Camaj) (summary)
Gay Straight Communication (Fabio Fasoli) (summary)
Hall, Stuart (Toby Miller) (summary)
Intercultural Workplace Communication (Malgorzata Lahti, Maarit Valo) (summary)
Internet Neutrality (Maria Löblich) (summary)
Media and Emotion (Robin L. Nabi) (summary)
Military Families and Communication (Steven R. Wilson, Leanne K. Knobloch) (summary)
Poststructuralism (Nathan A. Crick) (summary)
Public Discourse (Mikaela Marlow) (summary)
Rhetorical Invention (John Arthos) (summary)
Social Psychological Approaches to Intergroup Communication (Katharine H. Greenaway, Cindy Gallois, S. Alexander Haslam) (summary)
The ACT2 Program and Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Disparities in HIV and AIDS Clinical Trials (Marya Gwadz, Amanda Ritchie, Charles M. Cleland, Noelle R. Leonard) (summary)
The Biology Of Affection (Kory Floyd, Colter D. Ray)
The Rhetoric of Style (Barry Brummett)
Transportation Theory Applied to Health and Risk Messaging (Melanie C. Green, Kaitlin Fitzgerald) (summary)
Visual Rhetoric (Zazil Reyes García) (summary)
Youth Identities (Elisabetta Crocetti, Monica Rubini) (summary)

March 2016

Bodies (Davi Johnson Thornton)
Violent Media Content and Effects (Robert Busching, Johnie Allen, Craig Anderson)

February 2016

Conversation Analysis and News Interviews, Laura Loeb, Steven E. Clayman (summary)
Film and Horror, Lindsey Decker, Kendall R. Phillips (summary)
Intercultural Competence, Lily A. Arasaratnam
Media Literacy, Renee Hobbs (summary)
Message Framing Variations, Daniel J. O'Keefe (summary)
Organizational Socialization, Brenda L. Berkelaar, Millie Harrison (summary)
Policies for Online Search, Bill D. Herman (summary)
Rhetorical Approaches to Health and Medicine, Jennifer A. Malkowski, J. Blake Scott, Lisa Keränen (summary)
Selective Avoidance and Exposure, Kevin Arceneaux, Martin Johnson (summary)

January 2016

Drone Journalism, Privacy Law, and Journalism Ethics, Courtney Barclay, Kearston Wesner (summary)
Policy Issues Surrounding Journalism, Philip M. Napoli, Sarah Stonbely (summary)
Religion, Culture, and Communication, Stephen M. Croucher, Cheng Zeng, Diyako Rahmani (summary)
Science and Communication, Celeste M. Condit, Bruce Railsback (summary)
Sexual Media Content and Effects, Lucretia Monique Ward, Sarah E. Erickson, Julia Lippman, Soraya Giaccardi (summary)
Technologized Interaction, Joanne Meredith (summary)
The Climate of Ecocinema, E. Ann Kaplan, Sophie Christman Lavin (summary)
Transcription for Conversation Analysis, Galina B. Bolden, Alexa Hepburn (summary)

December 2015

Big Data and Communication Research, Ralph Schroeder (summary)
Communicating about Genes, Health, and Risk, Roxanne L. Parrott, Amber K. Worthington, Rachel A. Smith, Amy E. Chadwick
Communication Campaigns that Emphasize Environmental Influences on Health and Risks, Kami Silk, Sarah Sheff, Maria Lapinski, Alice Hoffman (summary)
Listening, Graham D. Bodie (summary)
Political Knowledge, Lindsay H. Hoffman (summary)
Pragmatism, Nathan A. Crick
The Right To Be Forgotten, Edward L. Carter (summary)
Theories of Economic Justice in the Rhetorical Tradition, Catherine Chaput, Joshua S. Hanan (summary)

November 2015

Globalizing and Changing Culture, Hans J. Ladegaard (summary)
Intercultural Friendships, Elisabeth Gareis (summary)
Journalism and Gender, Linda Steiner (summary)
Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, Matthew Bost, Matthew S. May (summary)
Semiotics and Visual Rhetoric, Marcel Danesi (summary)

October 2015

Advertising and Persuasion, Kevin D. Thomas (summary)

September 2015

Antonio Gramsci and Communication Studies, Marco Briziarelli, Eric Karikari (summary)
Hegemony, Marco Briziarelli, Jeff Hoffmann (summary)
Preference Organization, Danielle Pillet-Shore (summary)
Theories of Journalism, Stephen D. Reese (summary)

August 2015

Journalism, Culture, and Society, Folker Hanusch (summary)
Movements and Resistance, Mary E. Triece (summary)

July 2015

Journalism on the Web, Michael Karlsson, Kristoffer Holt (summary)
Privacy Rights, Tamara Shepherd (summary)

May 2015

Health Literacy and Health/Risk Communication, Michael Mackert, Sara Champlin (summary)