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Recently Published

Recently Published

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August 2017

Family, Culture, and Communication (V. Santiago Arias, Narissra Maria Punyanunt-Carter)
Group Labeling (Andrea Carnaghi, Mauro Bianchi)
Group Status (Fabio Lorenzi-Cioldi)
Indigenous Languages: Their Threatened Extinction is a Global Responsibility (Diana Cárdenas, Roxane de la Sablonnière, Donald M. Taylor)
Intergroup Communication: Spain (Ma.Àngels Viladot)
Language and Power (Sik Hung Ng, Fei Deng)
Mediated Contact (Nick Joyce)
Memory for Media Content in Health Communication (Soyoon Kim, Brian G. Southwell)
Mental Models of Risk (Ann Bostrom)
Online Contact and Intergroup Conflict Resolution (Yair Amichai-Hamburger, Shir Etgar)
Political Correctness (Becky R. Ford)
Prejudiced Communication (Janet B. Ruscher)
Social Psychological Approaches to Intergroup Communication (Katharine H. Greenaway, Cindy Gallois, S. Alexander Haslam)
Structuration Theory and Health and Risk Messaging (Joel Iverson, Tomeka Robinson, Steven J. Venette)
The Climate of Ecocinema (Sophie Christman Lavin, E. Ann Kaplan)
Uncertainty Management Theories (Michael A. Hogg, Sucharita Belavadi)
Using Pictures in Health and Risk Messages (Sarah C. Vos, Elisia Cohen)
Vividness (Patrick J. Ewell, Rosanna E. Guadagno)
Weight and Weightism (Analisa Arroyo, Kristin Andersen)

July 2017

Active Involvement Interventions in Health and Risk Messaging (Kathryn Greene, Smita C. Banerjee, Anne E. Ray, Michael L. Hecht)
Affect (Brian L. Ott)
Cultivation in Health and Risk Messaging (Mohan Jyoti Dutta, Satveer Kaur-Gill, Naomi Tan)
Dance as Intergroup Communication (Rachyl Pines, Howard Giles)
Dress Style Code and Fashion (Lauren Keblusek, Howard Giles)
Embarrassment and Health and Risk Messaging (Spring Chenoa Cooper, P. Christopher Palmedo)
Fear Arousal and Health and Risk Messaging (Jessica Gall Myrick, Robin L. Nabi)
Film and Horror (Lindsey Decker, Kendall R. Phillips)
Hall, Stuart (Toby Miller)
Health Promotion and Risk Reduction in Congregations (Dennis Myers, Terry A. Wolfer, Maria L. Hogan)
Hegemony (Marco Briziarelli, Jeff Hoffmann)
Information Visibility (Brenda L. Berkelaar, Millie A. Harrison)
Integrated Threat Theory (Stephen M. Croucher)
Intercultural Workplace Communication (Malgorzata Lahti, Maarit Valo)
Intergroup Contact (Jake Harwood)
Intergroup Metaphors (Elise Holland, Michelle Stratemeyer, Nick Haslam)
Linguistic Bias (Camiel J. Beukeboom, Christian Burgers)
Location-Based Ads and Exposure to Health and Risk Messages (Jonathan van 't Riet, Jorinde Spook, Paul E. Ketelaar, Arief Hühn)
Measuring Graph Literacy (Rocio Garcia-Retamero, Dafina Petrova, Adam Feltz, Edward T. Cokely)
Media Portrayals and Effects: Latinos (Alexander Sink, Dana Mastro)
Physiological Measures of Wellness and Message Processing (Kory Floyd, Corey A. Pavlich, Dana R. Dinsmore)
Refugees and Diaspora (Tenzin Dorjee)
Risk Governance (Rolf Lidskog)
Social Amplification of Risk in Health and Risk Messaging (Yulia A. Strekalova, Janice L. Krieger)
Social Cognitive Theory Applied to Health and Risk Messaging (Steven H. Kelder, Deanna M. Hoelscher, Ross Shegog)
Social Marketing Applied to Health and Risk Messaging (R. Craig Lefebvre, P. Christopher Palmedo)
Text Features Related to Message Comprehension (Jessica Gasiorek, R. Kelly Aune)
Thought Speed and Health Communication (Kaite Yang, Emily Pronin)
Uncertainty and Extremism (Sucharita Belavadi)
Viral Marketing and Exposure to Health and Risk Messages (Helena Sofia Rodrigues, Manuel José Fonseca)
Vitality Theory (Benjamin King Smith, Martin Ehala, Howard Giles)
Worry and Rumination as a Consideration When Designing Health and Risk Messages (Tamara D. Afifi, Ariana Shahnazi, Kathryn Harrison)

June 2017

Health-Related Warning Message Processing (Christopher B. Mayhorn, Michael S. Wogalter)
Humor in Health and Risk Messaging (John C. Meyer, Steven J. Venette)
Nonaccommodation (Jessica Gasiorek)
Recruiting Opinion Leaders for the United Kingdom ASSIST Programme (Jo Holliday, Suzanne Audrey, Rona Campbell, Laurence Moore)
Self-Affirmation (Xiaoquan Zhao)

May 2017

Anticipated Regret (Marcel Zeelenberg)
Entertainment-Education and Health and Risk Messaging (Suruchi Sood, Amy Henderson Riley, Kristine Cecile Alarcon)
Exemplification Theory in Health and Risk Messaging (Patric R. Spence, David Westerman, Robert G. Rice)
Faith Communities and the Potential for Health Promotion (Alice M. Kiger, Donna M. Fagan, Edwin R. van Teijlingen)
Imagined Interactions (James M. Honeycutt, Robert M. McCann)
Lay Risk Management (Erik Löfmarck)
Numeracy in Health and Risk Messaging (Priscila G. Brust-Renck, Julia Nolte, Valerie F. Reyna)
Patterns of Reasoning (William Mosley-Jensen, Edward Panetta)
Positive Affect Related to Health and Risk Messaging (Mengfei Guan, Jennifer L. Monahan)
Rehabilitation Groups (Toby Raeburn)
Sensation Seeking (Nancy Grant Harrington)
Theory of Mind and Communication in Health and Risk Messaging (M. Jeffrey Farrar, Yao Guan, Kaitlyn Erhardt)

April 2017

Message Convergence Framework Applied to Health and Risk Messaging (Kathryn E. Anthony, Timothy L. Sellnow, Steven J. Venette, Sean P. Fourney)
Nutrition Labeling in Health and Risk Messaging in Asia (May O. Lwin, Jerrald Lau, Andrew Z. H. Yee, Cyndy Au)
Source Credibility, Expertise, and Trust in Health and Risk Messaging (Kristin Page Hocevar, Miriam Metzger, Andrew J. Flanagin)
Technologized Interaction (Joanne Meredith)
Williams, Raymond (Jim McGuigan)

March 2017

Anger in Health and Risk Messaging (Claude H. Miller, Reinaldo Cortes Quantip)
Conversation Analysis and News Interviews (Laura Loeb, Steven E. Clayman)
Grounded Theory Methodology (Paul Sebastian Ruppel, Günter Mey)
Knowledge and Comprehension (Ashley R. Kennard, Courtney Anderegg, David Ewoldsen)
Meta-Analysis in Health and Risk Messaging (Simon Zebregs, Gert-Jan de Bruijn)
Mood's Role in Selective Exposure to Health and Risk Information (Melissa J. Robinson, Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick)
Preference Organization (Danielle Pillet-Shore)
Risk Perceptions and Risk Characteristics (Hye-Jin Paek, Thomas Hove)

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