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Recently Published

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July 2018

Game Studies (Shira Chess)
Literary Journalism (Richard Lance Keeble)
Local and Hyperlocal Journalism (Kristy Hess, Lisa Waller)

June 2018

Communication in International Development (Srinivas Melkote, H. Leslie Steeves)
Ernesto Laclau and Communication Studies (Yannis Stavrakakis, Antonis Galanopoulos)
Freelancing in Journalism (Brian L. Massey, Cindy Elmore)
Peace Journalism (Jake Lynch)
Political Parallelism (Afonso de Albuquerque)
Sports Journalism (Peter English)

May 2018

Detection of Deception (Timothy R. Levine)
Food Studies (Christina Ceisel)

April 2018

Chicana Studies (Bernadette Marie Calafell)
Critical Whiteness Studies (Shannon Sullivan)
Culture, Ethics, and Communication (John Baldwin, Iraklis Ioannidis, Robert Huegel)
Feminist Organizational Communication (Colleen E. Arendt, Patrice M. Buzzanell)
Humor in Interpersonal Communication (Melanie Booth-Butterfield, Melissa Wanzer)
Materialist Rhetoric (Bryan J. McCann)
Posthumanism (Diane Marie Keeling, Marguerite Nguyen Lehman)

March 2018

Cultural Communication (Patricia Olivia Covarrubias)
Transcription for Conversation Analysis (Galina B. Bolden, Alexa Hepburn)
Visual Rhetoric (Zazil Reyes García)

February 2018

Communications Research in Using Genomics for Health Promotion (Jada G. Hamilton, Jennifer L. Hay, Colleen M. McBride)
Freedom of Information (Laura L. Stein, Lindita Camaj)
Liberalism and Neoliberalism (Sean Phelan, Simon Dawes)
Online Talk About Mental Health (Joyce Lamerichs, Wyke Stommel)
Policy Issues Surrounding Journalism (Philip M. Napoli, Sarah Stonbely)
Privacy Rights (Tamara Shepherd)
Shame and Guilt (Monique Mitchell Turner)

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