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Recently Published

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May 2017

Anticipated Regret (Marcel Zeelenberg)
Entertainment-Education and Health and Risk Messaging (Suruchi Sood, Amy Henderson Riley, Kristine Cecile Alarcon)
Exemplification Theory in Health and Risk Messaging (Patric R. Spence, David Westerman, Robert G. Rice)
Faith Communities and the Potential for Health Promotion (Alice M. Kiger, Donna M. Fagan, Edwin R. van Teijlingen)
Imagined Interactions (James M. Honeycutt, Robert M. McCann)
Lay Risk Management (Erik Lofmarck)
Numeracy in Health and Risk Messaging (Priscila G. Brust-Renck, Julia Nolte, Valerie F. Reyna)
Patterns of Reasoning (William Mosley-Jensen, Edward Panetta)
Positive Affect Related to Health and Risk Messaging (Mengfei Guan, Jennifer L. Monahan)
Rehabilitation Groups (Toby Raeburn)
Sensation Seeking (Nancy Grant Harrington)
Theory of Mind and Communication in Health and Risk Messaging (M. Jeffrey Farrar, Yao Guan, Kaitlyn Erhardt)

April 2017

Message Convergence Framework Applied to Health and Risk Messaging (Kathryn E. Anthony, Timothy L. Sellnow, Steven J. Venette, Sean P. Fourney)
Nutrition Labeling in Health and Risk Messaging in Asia (May O. Lwin, Jerrald Lau, Andrew Z. H. Yee, Cyndy Au)
Source Credibility, Expertise, and Trust in Health and Risk Messaging (Kristin Hocevar, Miriam Metzger, Andrew J. Flanagin)
Technologized Interaction (Joanne Meredith)
The Baltic Countries (Martin Ehala)
Williams, Raymond (Jim McGuigan)

March 2017

Anger in Health and Risk Messaging (Claude H. Miller, Reinaldo J. Cortes Quantip)
Conversation Analysis and News Interviews (Laura Loeb, Steven E. Clayman)
Grounded Theory in Health and Risk Messaging (Paul Sebastian Ruppel, Günter Mey)
Knowledge and Comprehension (Ashley Kennard, Courtney Anderegg, David Ewoldsen)
Meta-analysis in Health and Risk Messaging (Simon Zebregs, Gert-Jan de Bruijn)
Mood's Role in Selective Exposure to Health and Risk Information (Melissa J. Robinson, Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick)
Preference Organization (Danielle Pillet-Shore)
Risk Perceptions and Risk Characteristics (Hye-Jin Paek, Thomas Hove)

February 2017

Communication Ethics (Lisbeth A. Lipari)
Digital Media Ethics (Charles Ess), summary
Ehealth Communication (Gary L. Kreps)
Gender and Journalism (Linda Steiner)
Intergroup Jokes and Humor (Thomas E. Ford, Christopher J. Breeden, Emma O'Connor, Noely Banos), summary
Interpersonal Communication Across the Life Span (Carla L. Fisher, Thomas Roccotagliata)
Journalism and Explaining News Content (Erik Albæk, Morten Skovsgaard, Claes H. de Vreese)
Language Attitudes (Marko Dragojevic)
Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri (Matthew Bost, Matthew S. May)
Rhetorical Invention (John Arthos)
The Living, Dead, and Dying (Chien-Yu Chen), summary
Video-Mediated Communication (Sean Rintel), summary

January 2017

Family Communication (Michelle Miller-Day)
Intercultural Friendships (Elisabeth Gareis)
Intergroup Norm Talk (Sucharita Belavadi)
Network Analysis and Health and Risk Messaging (Frank Tutzauer, Thomas Hugh Feeley)
Public Memory (Matthew Houdek, Kendall R. Phillips)
Race, Gender, Class, and Sexuality (Patricia S. Parker, Jing Jiang, Courtney L. McCluney, Verónica Caridad Rabelo)
Religion, Culture, and Communication (Stephen M. Croucher, Cheng Zeng, Diyako Rahmani, Mélodine Sommier)
Rhetorical Judgment (John Arthos)
Transportation Theory Applied to Health and Risk Messaging (Melanie C. Green, Kaitlin Fitzgerald)

December 2016

Military Families and Communication (Steven R. Wilson, Leanne K. Knobloch)
Public Culture (Robert Hariman)
Rhetorical Approaches to Health and Medicine (Jennifer A. Malkowski, J. Blake Scott, Lisa Keränen)
Sequence Organization (Chase Wesley Raymond)

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